the naked squirrel

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I'm off to the beach for a week, starting tomorrow, for a family reunion. None of the three houses we're renting have Internet access and I can't figure out whether I'll be able to easily get wireless access or not. So I may post, I may not. I'd sure like to be able to use some of the time to put together my reflections on the recent International Convention in Toronto. I checked nine books out of the library yesterday to add to what I already have. Hah! I'll be lucky to get through ¼ of all I'm bringing to read!

I'm really looking forward to hitting a bunch of meetings during the week and getting to know, at least a little bit, a whole new crowd of recovering alcoholics. Ain't AA grand?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

One of the 2005 pledges I failed to mention is to usher in the New Year by supporting all kinds of outdoor athletics and sporting events even if I had neither the talent nor the interest.

I'd like to be unpredictable for a change.

Those who know me are attuned to the fact that they'd have to drag me kicking and screaming to a footie match. But yesterday I went to the Malaysia-Indonesia Tiger Cup semifinals without a fit. I walked patiently and voluntarily in the rain from our bapak jauh parking spot in my Beyonce gold slippers, clutching my white handbag and dodging flying rubbish bins after the hoard of `civilized' Malaysians started picking fights with innocent, unsuspecting Indonesian bystanders.

(My gypsy hunch was right, the score was 1-4).

Moreover, my nonchalant reaction to the entire evening was; to my standards, pretty perplexing.

Accurately forecasting game results isn't the only thing I've surprised myself with lately. In efforts to fit into my ex-size 30 jeans , I've started to take care of what I eat, say and do. Bebop, Islington and an occasional Heidi will pop by and we'd do the briskwalk around the little island section near my home, about 5 rounds around the bend. The walk clocks in about 2 kilometres per day and we have been doing it for the past two and a half weeks. I've also been swimming a few times. The girls and I even took the opportunity to pimp it in the community sauna.

In addition to prime physique, I am attempting exercising my mental health with RM 300 worth of books after I walked into Sam's MPH with the simple intention of picking up the `He's Just Not That Into You : The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guys, Greg Behrendt, Liz Tuccillo I had ordered six weeks before.

Yes, it's a DIY again. Under the `How-To' section.

I thought it would be the perfect birthday present for a friend who could relate. Then considering that she'd club me on the head with it if she knew I meant to humour her swaying sexuality, I decided to keep it for my own amusement. To replace the gift with another title, my browsing around had cost me a few extras.

1) Don't Sweat the Small Stuff at Work : Simple Ways to Minimize Stress and Conflict While Bringing Out the Best in Yourself and Others
by Richard Carlson
2) Deception Point by Dan Brown
3) POSH - Port Out Starboard Home And Other Language Myths By Michael Quinion
4) Jutawan Dari Planet Jupiter by Azizi Ali (nevermind the cheesy topic, the guy is kinda hot)

Thank God for speed reading and the RM 700 rebate on income taxes.

(I wonder if purchasing the sing-song Berlitz Rush Hour Express Spanish Language Lessons CD pack to applies).

Oh, well. Here's to looking good in an accent. And to order a Big Mac in Barcelona.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Urgent call with all the free spirits

Of culture arabo-Moslem woman

A large French magazine devotes a special file on the " the free atheists and spirits Moslem origins " in its next number. is the first time in history one grants the word to us, is our first chance that we must seize of all our forces so that justice is made and that freedom expression and of conscience can apply to all to equality. is why, I launch a call with all people of share the world origin arabo-Moslem woman which is regarded as being apostates, deists, agnostics, without religion, converted or atheists… to join to us in this first while making circulate L’information most largely possible near its entourage.

This censure from which one suffers since good a long time should cease so that the free spirits can express in all freedoms without fearing for their life. Thus, I benefit from this occasion in order to launch a call with all those which undergo this kind of distress to make us share of their testimonys so they are carried with L’public opinion.

Any person who suffers from this kind of censure is requested to hold us with the current so one can make known her case with the media and this under true identity or pseudonym.

That you are artists, authors, creators in some field that it is, forward your experiment to us so that this kind of thing reproduces never again. The participations will be request in account according to their arrival, those which will arrive late will have priority in a new awakening.

It is time that the free spirits of cultures arabo-Moslem women speak in order to shout high and strong their faintness and their evil being taken as an hostage between governmental dictatorships and islamist extremists to which adds an occident which seeks to maintain and to limit this zone to nonproductive consumption.

Everyone must learn our existence and one is the ideal solution for a better world. It is time to leave at the great day in order to apply the adequate solutions so that nobody is injured. With your feathers in order to forward to us your testimony here tomorrow morning parce one is taken by time.

The magazine is ready to publish in its next number the list of the sites and blogs of the free spirits Moslem origin arabo censured or not ; the names of associations known or clandestine will be it also, as well as the names of people who want to make known themselves that it is with their truths names or pseudos.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

For St Valentine, I took along some friends to see AZTEQUES, a play which is played in this moment in Theatre 13.
It was as well as showed the possibility for it criticisms: setting in scene, decoration, costumes, interpetation, power of the reconstitutions, humour even: all was excellent. However, rejouer the fall of the Aztec empire following the invasion of Cortès on a scene not so large, it was not a small matter; but the party taken to show us the characters like as many emerged phantoms of the entrails of a museum, using the accessories with their range informed beautiful all that makes the magic of the theatre for me: the equivalent of the sets of children where one invents a universe with three ends of strings; the reign of "One would say that..." this toolbox it is our trunk of the treasure; this container, it is our ship; and paper bubbles there, one will make a shroud of it! I adore!
It will be played until February 19, do not delay. 2 places for the price of one (invite to know if it goes with any number, one never knows).

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Gmails are taken.
Thanks, Louisa and Tony
Will he be Gainfully Employed or an Impassioned, Starving Artist?
We may have a budding abstract artist on our hands...Or maybe just a Messy Marvin! More than likely, it's the latter, because I certainly couldn't draw anything recognizable to save my life, well except some tits and cocks. I'm pretty good at drawing those. heh heh I suppose though, that most art forms are subject to interpretation. So with that in mind...Humor me here. What do you see in this picture? Anything? Nothing?

I'll tell you later what Caden says it is and then my crazy interpretation of it! lol Go ahead, give it your best shot!

In any case, I am hoping my baby will grow up to be gainfully employed because at some point, the cuteness of his artwork is going to wear off and he may come home to find his suitcases on the front porch! Not that I would do that...I'm just saying...
Snakes and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Great news! We just got back from my pre-natal appointment and it looks like Lil Peanut is a boy! From the position I was in, he looked more like an alligator, but I'll take their word for it! lol We couldn't be happier!

Everything is looking good so far. I'm measuring normally. The placenta looks healthy and completely attached. They've been keeping an eye on it since my bout with food poisoning and spotting a while back. I've gained 9 lbs up to this point. That seemed like not very much to me, but then I lost some weight with the food poisoning thing. Perhaps my gaining 60 lbs last time around makes me feel like a lightweight this time! I shall try to avoid doing that again! In any case, my doctor said that Lil Peanut is getting everything he needs and not to worry.

We're so happy to finally know the gender of this baby! Now the hard part...Coming up with a name. We have a couple in mind so far, but for now we'll be sifting through baby names to see what we come up with. Tonight we're headed out for a nice dinner and maybe some shopping.

Hehee...It's a Boy!
Up For Grabs!
I have two Gmail invites that are up for grabs. If you want one, say so in comments. First come, first served! I'll send the invite to the email you use for commenting.

It's pretty cool. For those who don't know, Gmail is Google's webmail with 1GB storage and some other cool features like conversation tracking and labels. It requires an invitation because it is still in beta testing. So if you want one, speak up!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend! Ugh..we're still barn building. My child has been running around nekkid all weekend and I have a sunburn...but I wasn't running around nekkid...I uh...kinda fell asleep tanning. EEK.. My poor sunburnt belly!